Simplemente troppo per me; Simply too Much for Me

Isto es simplemente troppo per me.
Omne dies le vita me recorda
que io es perdente le memoria.
Io preca que Deo levava me
de iste mundo antea io oblida
le nomines de mi amicos.
© Yelling Rosa
26/5 –22

You will find translation tables for the poems I wrote in Interlingua


PS The Pause on Yelling Rosan Blogi continues


30 Replies to “Simplemente troppo per me; Simply too Much for Me”

    1. Thank you for your comment.
      I suffer from insomnia, and that also makes memorizing difficult.
      23 of August, I go to a memory test. After that, I know if it is a memory loss or insomnia, perhaps both.
      Have a nice weekend ❤

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