Lend Me Your Heart

Flirting in the 1950s © Yelling Rosa
Flirting in the 1950s © Yellling Rosa

Lend Me Your Heart

If you’re my friend
You lend me your heart.
My pump is out of order
And need time
To recover.
Your muscle could
Make me even
Better I was
Before the
© Yelling Rosa
16/6 –22

Flirting cow

You may be wondering why I have given such a name to my image. When my uncle took the picture in the fifties, most Finnish people worked in agriculture and lived in the countryside. In winter, young couples met secretly in barns, and in summer, under the sky. On the other hand, the cow in the picture has a seductive look.

The Poem’s Hero

The poem’s hero is searching for a friend who could love him. I think he is talking to someone who has given him hope but not a certainty yet.


23 Replies to “Lend Me Your Heart”

  1. I love the cow and your unique spirit, Yelling Rosa. The photo reminded me that I used to sing to my neighbor’s cows years ago and my children still tell people even today that their mother sang to cows. Seeing them made my heart glad, and seeing you in the spirit makes my heart rejoice that you’re you.
    May you have many glad days to come with flirting cows…. and a person, or two, too.

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