Buddha Is a Nice Fellow

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01e Buddha SG01

I Met the Buddha

I met the Buddha,
When I was on my way
To an ophthalmologist.
We changed news.
He is a nice fellow.
© Yelling Rosa
10/8 –22

02a Buddha SG01

Tapasin Buddhan

Tapasin Buddhan,
kun olin matkalla
Hän on mukava
© Yelling Rosa

03e Buddha SG01

A Runaway Hero

The madman got on the bus.
He tried so hard to hide his madness,
That it already looked crazy.
He got off the bus
Many stops before the hospital,
But didn’t make anyone think
That he is not a resident of the sanatorium.

The following day a mental hospital nurse
Came to my cabin and asked if I had seen a person
Whose characteristics match the man I saw on the bus.
The nurse gave me a pack of cigarettes
And urged me to offer smoke to him.
Then he will sit down
And tells his dark story
As long as there are
Meanwhile phone us
And we got plenty
Of time to come
And catch him.

The runaway hero didn’t make it to ten
Smoke before the staff
Drove a car in my yard
The nurse told me
That the patient was unauthorized
On a bus trip also,
But returned himself
To the hospital.
© Yelling Rosa
13/8 -22

This is a true story from the sixties of a runaway hero who wasn’t dangerous but a pain in the butt of the mental institution. Our hero searched for cigarettes, and the nurse thought he would come to my summer cottage first because it was next to the hospital.

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