Don’t Ever Stop Loving Yourself


My sun is shining on you
Whom people hate
Like they hate me.
Our destiny is to exist
Even nobody likes us.
Still, without you and me
The world wouldn’t
Be perfect.
© Yelling Rosa
9/9 –22

I hope that the poem above serves as an introduction to what I will say below. Nobody can be someone else.

Dear Readers I am all right

Don’t feel sorry for me but help those who are now in the group mangle.  I use myself and my experiences to make the subject alive.

Diversity Makes Perfect

My whole life has been very challenging for me. It has been challenging for others, too, because they have often found something to blame me. Because I had been the only odd in the group, I started to think something was wrong with me. To improve things, I have tried to change myself into something else. Now, at 70, I have finally realized that it is impossible and unnecessary. In a nutshell: Diversity makes perfect.

The fault lies with the accused and the prosecutor

You may wonder why I am saying that the blamed one has also done something wrong automatically. Yes, the blamed one has forgotten to defend and love himself. The reasons for that mechanism vary greatly. This range of reasons makes analyzing problem situations difficult and often even impossible. Moreover, there is always more than one person who are making analyzes.

The Key to the Door of Clarity

The key to the door of clarity is inside every individual. If somebody’s behavior irritates you, you must look at yourself in the mirror. Most likely, the same things don’t annoy others. If you are the blame, you must look around and compare how people generally take up you. In most cases, this method is enough to give a tool to protect yourself.

This rooster loves himself even though he doesn’t want to bully the hens. He went to the farmer and asked him to let him be himself. The farmer was a lovely man, and now our rooster doesn’t have to be a teaser any more. The hens have also started to accept him. Why don’t you do the same thing?

Was Jesus a Bad Person

Sometimes, as happened to me, most people found faults and shortcomings in me. I didn’t know anything else than try to make myself better me. Even though I made progress, people found something to say about my acts and behavior. The situation has been like this almost up here where I am now. Now I realize that the reason for the blames is my inner personality. It doesn’t appeal to most people. Even now, when I think I have made wrong conclusions and must keep educating myself, I tell myself that even Jesus fell into the clutches of men.

Why People Don’t Get along with Each Other

People are small group animals. That’s why they build the groups around them. The group members isolate the unsuitable persons from the circle. In borderline cases, the group tries to train the individual so that she would be suitable after being brainwashed. In families, retraining is necessary because an unsuitable individual is entitled to join the group based on her bloodline.

The Family Is Worst

The biggest dramas are born in families because we can not pan the unsuitable member. The discriminated members submit to their fate or start to fight for their rights. Both of these options are risky. Submission almost inevitably leads to mental breakdowns, even suicides, and fighting can lead to violence. Of course, sometimes, the result can be positive. The other family members start to respect the fighter, and they see that we must treat the depressed member gently.

I have tried to fight, but all my new solutions were the reason to blame me more. My aggression is proof of my ineligibility. After that, parallel fighting, I try to be a better person than I am. As I already mentioned, nothing has changed. Even so, not very long ago, after explaining my exceptional sensitivity by letter, the receiver said I was bragging to him. Shortly, even this state of better self-understanding is not acceptable.

Going on All Alone

After fighting against the windmills for almost 70 years, I have decided to live alone or only with those whose company I enjoy and vice versa. Now and then, I find myself guilty about the state of my life. Then I say to myself you tried 70 years only to understand that you can’t be anything than yourself. If someone doesn’t feel comfortable in my company, that’s their concern, as I greatly like myself.

For Others

You can get out of the circle because of different reasons. The most important thing is that you never stop loving yourself. Of course, some people must improve their behavior after committing crimes. But many crimes can prevent in advance when we love ourselves in time. Because more than one person is blaming the one who is not suitable for the group, the isolated person must be in balance with herself. If you need to make yourself better, make your love stronger.

I have seen many bloggers thinking about proving themselves or the neighborhood, perhaps both. Sometimes this might be the key to the door of clarity, but don’t try this too long. I tried to be someone else for almost 70 years. Now, I don’t have much time to wander on earth when I am in balance. Sometimes I am unfortunate because of this loss but happy that I have seen the light. And most of everything, I hope that everyone else could be their whole lives themselves or if they are in the mangle, they get through earlier than me.

Dear Readers I am all right

Don’t feel sorry for me but help those who are now in the group mangle.  I use myself and my experiences to make the subject alive.

The Codependent One

It is good
That you are not human.
People would say
That you are codependent.
And I should take you to the therapist
To learn to be independent.
Sometimes you could talk less,
When we’re at the butcher shop
Because I know you only eat
The best quality minced meat.

Last night in the park
It was good when you meowed a few times.
That made her stop and say:
“It’s convenient when you talk to yourself.
Never feels alone”.
And even better
When your head came out of my jacket.
It gave me a chance to respond:
“I do not speak to myself but to my cat.”

Then the three of us lived happily ever after.
Yes, you were jealous whenever I sat with her
But happy we all three were, weren’t we.
© Yelling Rosa
19 September 2022


The Picture of The Cat Named Hugs, who loved to be between the chest and the jacket

55 Replies to “Don’t Ever Stop Loving Yourself”

    1. Per mia esperienza prioritario non è necessario amarsi ma sapere accettare se stessi e le proprie debolezze. Manifestarsi nelle proprie peculiarità, ma anche In quello di positivo che possiamo offrire. Guardare dritto negli occhi la vita e che ci sta di fronte perché come Nel finale di A qualcuno piace caldo “Nessuno è perfetto”.
      Ti abbraccio

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Thank you for shring your thoughts, they set my own mind thinking. I am also in my 70s and continue to learn, not just about myself, but about others. Although it can be difficult, I am committed to keeping an open mind and also to be true to my new self! 🙋‍♂️

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  2. Nobody’s perfect. No one is the same as the others. But we are unique in everything. Thoughts, actions, personalities. As we are born, so we are for life even if we try to force what we will never be.
    Being yourself is good for us. Do the others not accept us? Well let’s get out of the circle.
    Beautiful poetry and profound are your words.

    Liked by 3 people

  3. A good word of wisdom for all of us to think on and put into practice!
    Somehow, we are taught to please other at our own expense, which is backwards. We must accept and know who we are in order for others to accept us.

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  4. Amarse así mismo es fundamental, para tener la capacidad de amar a otros, tal como son… Cada persona es diferente a otra, y es ahí donde radica la belleza, que eres único en el mundo…
    Saludos Ilusamuli

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Le tue parole colpiscono.
    Chi non sbaglia? Chi ha una diversità dall’altro? Chi può dire di essere perfetto?….L’importante è accettare e accettarsi, rimuovere con energia ma sempre con rispetto ciò che ci crea disturbo, e vivere, vivere vivere. C’è sempre da imparare in questa vita e si può sempre trovare chi ci affianca senza giudicare.
    Buona vita ❤

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  6. Somebody, who for one or the other reason does not like you, will interprete everything you say or do negatively. One can just as well give up on that person. It is not your fault!
    It can also happen that one meets a person, and all communication goes parallel and never meets. I have experienced that, it is absolutely weird … and nobody’s fault.
    Sympathy has nothing to do with logic or good and bad, it is pure emotion and having the same “radar system”. If we are lucky, we meet people like that in our lives. That is the start to get to know people better with the intellect as well. Nobody is perfect, so we aren’t either and don’t have to be.
    Best wishes for you from the north of Denmark.
    Birgit (aka Stella)
    P.S.: I fell out of your system as a follower, that happens sometimes in WordPress. I just clicked “follow” again.

    Liked by 2 people

      I agree with everything you say in your comment. In my case, the people who have proven to be the most difficult come from within the family, so keeping a distance is challenging. It has taken me a long time to realize that I am in a tight grip because children believe what older family members say.

      Now I understand that the people next to me have manipulated me, and I live a little more freely; I wanted to write this article and tell what things have helped me build my own identity to match my characteristics. For a long time, I looked for an answer in books and opened up to close people, giving them more weapons for manipulation. One significant factor has also been that I got a new therapist a few years ago, who has conducted sessions to encourage me to find answers within myself.

      This thought below is what I want to say to myself to empower myself and others who are in the trap I am slowly breaking to independency.


      Find the question
      For you are
      The answer.
      © Yelling Rosa
      20/7 -22

      All the best to you

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  7. Thank you for reading my site. I am now 90 years old (but mentally 50…) and still learning about life! I have written books for several years now which keeps my mind active. Don’t follow the sheep, always be yourself. We are all unique and, on life’s journey, meet many people different to ourselves, so can’t possibly expect to like everyone, or for them to like us! Be yourself, respectful and helping. Viva la difference… Peace and love.

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  8. Never. Never end… often, I say, it is not easy, but who says, loving is always easy? You wrote about Jesus: he’ve said, that you should love others like (not more!) than yourself. Very well, let’s start loving. The imperfect yourself, everybody.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. I have to say, the opening of your poem “My sun is shining on you” and the Buddhist story where the beautiful image of a sunlit berry on the face of a gorge wall brings understanding to the beauty of life and the world itself.

    This poem, I hope, stays in my mind forever as a reminder of a beautiful life lived with gratitude. I thank you very much for this insight ~ and this line I think all readers can relate with you: “Still, without you and me. The world wouldn’t. Be perfect.”

    Take care, YR, and may autumn treat you well.

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