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Self potrait
I took this selfie in summer 2017

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I am 71 years old retired male who lives in Lapland, Finland. I have one son and one grandchild. In my spare time I read, write, play the guitar and hike. I also like to watch movies.

I have published three books of poetry, Valkoinen vitsa (1989), Paljon on meneillÀÀn (1994) and Postrahavasta (2012). Unfortunately they have been written in Finnish but I try to translate some of them onto this blog later on. Now you must content yourself with what I got here,  a couple of poems. I have written also songs. You can listen to them on my Home Page at: http://www.yellingrosa.com/musiikki01.htm. The music is an international language. They are on the Musiikkia -category.

I have uploaded 3rd of February 2012 two of my poems here at http://yellingrosa.wordpress.com/poems The one of them is from my first book The White Lecture (Valkoinen vitsa). It is called If I Seek You (Jos etsin sinua). A Young Woman Made Herself Next to Me poem is not on either of my collections. It is my intention to upload some verse every now and then. Anyway, now it is easier for you to find my verses as they are on their own page, POEMS.

I have published two stories in English on my Home Site  at http://www.yellingrosa.com/stories01.html. It is my intention to published more stories there when time goes on.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

All the best.

Yelling Rosa

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10 Replies to “About me”

  1. Just read some of your new things on new site. Will definitely follow. What are the odds????!!! My birthday is also March 11th!!!! Happy Birthday, birth-date friend! Shalom and peace and joy in the journey, Jane

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  2. Hallo Yelling Rosa,
    I see that you still liked a blog post on my old site (what I realy appreciate). May I inform you that this site is replaced by a new one from 1th of March this year.
    You are very welcome on the new site, if interested.

    Picpholio Nature Photography : https://picpholio.com

    The site translates itself in several languages and there is also a possibility to follow my postes if you want.

    Kind regards,

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    1. Thank you for your comment.
      I dropped by your new site and liked it.
      All the best to you πŸ‘
      PS I can read Dutch but not speak or write.
      I use Google Translate when I am supposed to write comments.
      Dutch and Swedish have many parallel words, which natives write slightly differently.

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