My Soul Flies (Ojman Livtib) is a Classical Composition

My Soul Flies is a classical composition of a poem by Aleksei Arzamazov. In his verses, Arzamzov uses an artificial language he developed called Budinos, intended to serve as a common language for the Finno-Ugric peoples. The piece was composed by the Estonian composer Mart Siimer. The music is interpreted by the singer Iris Oja, and Tartu Vanemuine Orchestra is led by conductor Lauri Sirp. The song tells about the longing to go to the ancestors, to one’s own Ugric home. The tune describes the hope and anxiety of a person when he has been uprooted.

Please, listen to the concert recording of “Ojman livtib” from 2014:

 Ojman livtib.wav

Lyrics of Omjan livtib (My Soul Flies) in Two Languages:



Mina upin jos kanto gurales,
mina upin jos pesan tulales,
kunjin silmat no vetin vorsat,
ojmam livtib kogo vorsas

I’m tired of the evil noise,
as tired as coming from the city,
I close my eyes, and in my imagination, I see a forest,
my soul flies to the great forest.


Zemo elima veljo em tasa,
Tekie askelat, uskie sole.
Levtid kenerat, paremtib tinat
kogo vorsan pua no shonda

Only here is real life,
take a step, believe in her,
strength and healing are given by the great forest
trees and sun.


Toan vetat namoie ni kermas,
Sodie shemat lamo kelandales,
Koza no tama, fenno-ugro miesa,
Vario mit, varjo bertanmit

Grab the spring water,
feel and taste
ancient language.
Birch and oak, Finno-Ugric,
waiting for us, waiting for our return.
Translation into English Β© Yelling Rosa

Lyrics Β© Aleksei Arzamazov  

Poet Aleksei Arzamazov in the picture below

Aleksei Arzamazov


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